Jeni Falldine

Originally from the south, I studied textiles and jewelry design at the Appalachian Center for Craft in Tennessee.

I moved to Seattle because I always felt a pull toward the west and its rugged, majestic beauty; the landscapes provide so much content for my work. I see geometry in everything that grows and forms in the wild and I use this as inspiration to showcase the raw and untouched aspects of semi-precious gemstones and freshwater pearls. Inside each stone and pearl is a distinct history and calculus; I wonder about the process that formed them and how far they may have traveled before they end up in my hands. The purposeful spirals of unfurling leaf and flower, how minerals are arranged to create crystalline matrices in rocks, sunlight in an ever changing and intricate design on moving water: my jewelry designs reflect the infinite beauty I find in the ordinary magic of the natural world.

I work intuitively and from a sense of wonder for the immutable laws of physics that forge gemstones and metals, that give color and endless variety to quartz.  I love to work with silver because it has a softness that is both lightweight and strong. The organic shapes and elegant simplicity of each piece can be dressed up or down, and all of my designs express an intention to join ancient materials with a unique interpretation of current fashion.